RFC 1179 compliant network printer client

Sick of print jobs mangled by cups, let down by lprng, this is a tiny RFC 1179 compliant substitution, that allows the command line user to contact the network based printer and start a print job. Command line options are not supported, with the exception of -P <name>, to select a printer by network name. For reasons of simplicity, both tools, lpr and lpq, are tcl encoded.

How to install:
Unpack, be root, copy both tools to e.g. /usr/local/bin, set permissions for all to executable. Now, to configure, first create a directory by the name of /etc/lp, then create a file by the name of /etc/lp/lp that contains the network name (or IP address) of the default printer. For additional printers, add more files, or simply use the network names.