Oskar Schirmer



Parallel Operating System Prototype

qafyr a prototypical implementation for massive parallel systems with a large number of processing units that do not share memory.


mother the mother generic compiler project.

Lossless Data Compression

diploma thesis my diploma thesis (1995): "lossless data compression - compendium and categorisation".

System Tools

mplex13818 iso 13818 stream multiplexer for real time usage, handles both program and transport streams, and PES.
z3lib RFC 1951/1952 compliant compression library with easy interface.
pcodevm UCSD p-Code virtual machine (i.e. byte code interpreter and BIOS emulator) to run the original UCSD Apple Pascal System under Unix.
jetcat transmit data from stdin to stdout, statistics go to stderr. data throughput may be limited in different ways.
lpclient RFC 1179 compliant command line based network printer client.
window maker applets two tiny window maker applets, one that shows file system usage as a diagram, with LEDs blinking along side, another one illustrating memory and swap usage.
realpath(1) the command line analogon to the library function realpath(3).
apple2tty serial data transfer from an APPLE2 computer using the game port.
apple2fs APPLE2 disk format (as used with UCSD Pascal) file system driver for Linux.
boulder dash the famous game known from 8 bit times, back then ported to run on the VAX main frame system with vt220 character set redefinition feature. I retrieved these sources decades later on the funet server, after I had lost them long ago.
atari st stad pac to pbm tiny program to convert packed bitmap pictures to standard pbm(5) format.


calendar booklet print and bind your own calendar by the week for the year of your choice.
calendar papercraft prints a dodecahedron shaped calendar to be treated with scissors and glue. the desired year may be set by editing the first lines. also available: deutsch, français, esperante.
100 flowers fills a page with a bunch of colourful flowers.
a rose is... a rose is a graphical recursion implemented as loop example. also available: deutsch, français. Now here comes another version of the rose, which fills the paper of size DIN A4 fully by scaling the whole thing to double size. Strange enough, this latter version is not printable on a Minolta DI200 printer, as its firmware crashes with what I suspect is something like division by zero fault. Even more strange, it is printable, when replacing the 260 by 258...
easter day computes the easter sunday date for a few years and prints them on a single page. also available: deutsch, français.
dot matrix printer prints an example page using this character set like with a dot matrix printer.
bar code implementation of DIN 66236, i.e. EAN and UPC. prints a few examples of bar codes on a single page.
aérogramme prints a DIN A4 aérogramme form, ready to be used.
staves prints a DIN A4 sheet with blanko staves.