APPLE2 file system driver for Linux

This driver is written and tested against Linux Version 2.4.17 and 2.4.27. It is meant to access disks or disk images formatted for the UCSD Pascal System as used on APPLE2 computers.

Copyright (c)2003,2005 GPL Oskar Schirmer (schirmer@scara.com)

This disk format is very simple, it doesn't support subdirectories, nor does it have something like a block allocation table, not to mention inodes. The root directory is simply a list of records, stating the name, the type, the starting block and the size of the file. As there is probably not much use in creating or changing such a disk under Linux, this driver comes for read only access solely. Code files are marked executable, no matter whether there is any loader that is capable of getting the P-code started.

With the UCSD Pascal System, text files are not just character files, but obey a special format. For the users convenience, this driver provides automatic text file conversion as follows: All files are readable in the root directory in raw mode, i.e. untranslated. For all files of type text, there is a converted copy found in an artifical subdirectory by the name of '.text'.
The conversion includes:

  • CR to LF translation
  • NUL character discard at end of 1K-block
  • DLE run length code expansion