xs4all / dds

xs4all was the name of the computer set up by hacktic netwerk, a small groupof hackers. access for all... it started more as a political act than as a business.
(now xs4all became the biggest internet provider of the netherlands.) the machine xs4all went on-line in 1993.

rop gonggrjip:
"hacking is breaking big power using technology creatively. it doesn’t necessarily have to be security systems.

it ist not the question wether we should realize this technology or not, the question is, do we realize it by ourselves, or should we leave it to the big industrie."

marleen stikker:
"they get very nervous about the power of people who are just networking to tell each other what's going on. giving people access to vital information is one of the elements of having a democracy."

caroline nevejan:
"what we aktually like is taktikal people - people who are in a system to turn it around."