a documentary by
christine bader

"hacking is not a technical thing
- it's a way of life"

do we have the courage to create our own future? or do we rely on governments, institutions, organisations and hyped cyber-awareness? christine bader's feature-length documentary, "hacks", explores the hacking myth, chaos-lifestyles, piracy, social engineering, net-activism and digital democracy. bursting with energy, the film gets beyond media theory and engages networking where it is lived. this fast-forward documentary examines man's relationship to his ever expanding technological universe and brings home the point that it's about people, not machines.

bader's use of interviews, good pacing and lively editing draws the viewer into this very human technological scene. the film shows that individuals with scant resources are successful in attacking the establishment. "what we actually like are tactical people- people who are in a system to turn it around" explains the film's c. nevejan. it's a documentary about dreams and real visions attainable through networking and free thought. "hacks" encourages us to passionately and actively determine our future.

"hackers do it with fewer instructions."

"a hack is essentially an elegant solution to a tricky problem."