in june 1992, a few artists bought the fish troller, ms stubnitz. with the help of some former sailors, they converted it over two years into a seagoing "multimedia art ship". their aim was to contribute to a cultural network between european cities with an active cutural program. in june '94, after their first voyage, the "baltic tour" (st.petersburg-malmoe-hamburg-rostock), they went bankrupt and had to shut down the project.

main organizers:urs blaser (ch), jens heise (d), christian jost (ch), antonia neubacher (a), armin medosch (a), rené roemert (d)

antonia neubacher:
"the idea was very idealistic, romantic, really. to create a mobile base, a work and living space with several people and to be continually connected with the environment.

contrary to the digital network, we made an analog and physical network and really visited the people. this had a whole different effect."