sea shepherd

the sea shepherd conservation society has been protecting endangered marine wildlife for nearly 20 years. a volunteer staffed marine conservation organisation, sea shepherd is involved in the investigation and documentation of violation of international laws and bringing it into public conciousness. sea shepherd conservation society was founded in 1977 by paul watson, who was one of the founding fathers of greenpeace. all actions of sea shepherd occurred without injury to any human beeing or creature.

paul watson:
"don't count on institutions and government or organisations to make a difference. all change has always come from individuals and from the passion, that individuals can inspire.

when people don't see the light you scare the hell out of them untill they do - that's is the approach we have.

we tend to be what people tend to call us. if the call us pirates thats fine - good pirates have always been against bad pirates. heroes through the ages have been called pirates. it always takes a pirate to stop a pirate."