social engineering

social engineering-information replacement- signifies methods of getting the information you want out of a conversation when you want it, without having to wait.

the dutch hacker, "the dude", has been involved in the high art of "social engineering" for some time.

peter glaser:
"'social engineering' means, to master the techniques of human communication and play games with it, to use social codes and thus playing and hacking some programs, that are running inside our heads."

the dude:
"don't let big companies intimitade you. even if you are a kid and you have a phone. you have as much power as a government offical. don't be afraid to use the phone. it just costs you a few cents.

i sometimes call it the 'poor mans intelligence agency'.

the weak thing is no longer the computer, it is the one who puts the information into the computer - it is the human being - if you want to get info nowadays, it is more and more interesting, to get the info right from the source, which is the human and not the computer. why all these troubles to get the info out of the computer, than to get it out from the one who typed it in."