in 1994, in bielefeld, germany, rena tanges und padeluun, both artists, founded a meeting where people could meet and exchange their knowledge of science, technology, society, art and culture. they called their gallery "art d`ameublement" after erik satie. this idea developed to become their own network system, bionic, and the computer club, foebud e.v., with the aim of promoting a worthy networking culture.

the foebud has had its own stand at the "ce-bit", the world`s largest computer fair, in hanover, germany since 1990. the tension between the artistic activities of foebud's networkers and hackers and the businesses represented at the fair is of great interest to many people annually.

"we were interested to see how a network should look so that people can use it as a form of valuable culture.

the networks arenít there to be used, but to get closer to paradise. people can communicate whith each other whithout using machinguns to define their differences."