conceived and directed by:
christine bader

produced by:
chon choi, christine bader

ulla barthold, bella halben, gabi schwark, christine bader

michael thaler

music and graphic animation:
andreas kunzmann, jin choi

beta sp / 73 min. pal


original language: english and german (english subtitles)

production: choifilm production, 1997/98
böckelweg 11, 22337 hamburg, germany
phone/fax: + 49-40-63 123 08

appearance of:

  • netherlands/amsterdam:
    xs4all, dds, hacking in progress, geert lovink, caroline nevejan, the dude
  • germany/ hamburg/berlin/bielefeld/hannover:
    chaos computer club & friends, wau holland, christian wolff, peter glaser, rena tangens & padeluun, foebud, kommhelp
  • austria/switzerland/germany:
    ms stubnitz
  • canada:
    paul watson, sea shepherd

    and many others.
supported by:
  • austrian ministry of the arts
  • filmbüro hessen
  • government of tyrol
  • city of innsbruck