chaos computer club

the chaos computer club is a forum in the hacker scene, a stage for hackers, system operators and the public.

the chaos computer club demands freedom and flow of information without censorship. the focus of the ccc is on addressing the issues of our time by giving targeted recommendations for a public policy able to deal with these issues in an intelligent manner. while this also includes more or less spectacular endeavours the focus of our work is on creating a public awareness for the need to approach issues like (e.g.) security, privacy and key escrow from a more informed, open viewpoint.

"i am chaos. i am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy."

peter glaser:
"the basic aspect of the chaos computer club is: it is about people, not the machines.

the world is becoming more complex, but thatís what itís about. i canít imagine what else itís about."

sven gohdes / winni:
"i see the social networks, that are connected to the technical networks, forming their very heart.

to flood a subway car is something you can think about. you wouldn't do that, but just think, and all of a sudden everyone starts to discuss such a plan. there certainly are some plans that could be realized, but less destructive than wetting passengers. think about undefined user behavior, with some subversion of course, just think different.

i think you can do something through positive visions, by starting projects based on available ressources, wich are more decentralized, wich are not basing on strict structures."

wau holland:
"when i think of society's possibilities, the most important of the ten commandments is the eleventh: 'thou shalt not administer'."

christian wolff:
"subversive doesn't mean illegal, it is just thinking different than normal."