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1002PostScript font encoding in unicode times


0502evolution in the context of omnipotence


1209Zur Frage des Rechtes auf Freigabe geheimgehaltener Informationen


0308similar words search algorithm
0411a thought on dictionary type implementation with PostScript
  A high level language might provide dictionary type objects. These are sets of key and value pairs with an arbitrary number of members. As pairs are added, the size of the dictionary increases. Except for constant dictionaries, the size of a dictionary is not known beforehand. For various applications one might be able to give an upper limit for the size of some dictionary, but for other applications this might be impossible.

For the latter case, dictionaries as they are implemented with PostScript are imperfect, as the PostScript operator to create a new dictionary always needs to be given the maximum size of the dictionary. While there are PostScript implementations that ignore the maximum value, there are others that do not, so extra effort is mandatory where portability is a must.


0405hardware event handling using the XMOS example


0808interrupts dispensable on million core system