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Infra Structure

Göttingen Göttingen ist “ein arges Loch, aus dem man, wenn man erst mal drin ist, nur schwer wieder rauskommt”, so angeblich Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742 - 1799) [Gert Hofmann: “Die kleine Stechardin”]. Vielleicht gibt's in der Mensa ja mal Saubohnen mit Schweinebauch.
Wikipedia the online encyclopedia.
Reddit global news aggregator, featuring the famous future LHC engineers reverse IAMA.
Wayback Machine internet archive wayback machine, a website history search engine.
Leo Dictionary english/german dictionary provided by LEO (Link Everything Online). And french/german, too.
Terminplaner online scheduler for multiple users to agree on a choice. Others: framadate.
Japanese/German japanese/german translation service. And Japanese/English.
Deutsche Nationalbibliographie find here any german book, find it by author, keyword, ISBN number, whatever. all books ever published since 1969 are listet, lots of books since 1912 too.
Ligue Internationale de la Librairie Ancienne world wide second hand book research. Deutsche antiquarische Websites: Osiander und
Netiquette Guidelines proposing gentleness when communicating telectronically.
Deutschland Radio german radio station, latest news online.
Arte european tv station.
Phrack Magazine is one of the longest running electronic magazines in existence.
Indymedia an independant media center, providing undestilled information.
Al Jazeera arabic news service, english language available. External valuation.
Die Zeit online archive of the german weekly news paper.
Perlentaucher Eine tägliche Auswertung der Buchrezensionen in den sechs besten deutschsprachigen Zeitungen.
Internet Movie Data Base archive of movie descriptions. Ugandan film studios.
Open Street Map the free open source licensed map project.
Historical Maps Maps of Europe, City maps, synchronized aerial overlay.
Radweit various long distance bikeways prepared as A4 compressed maps. Bikeways on disused railway embankments: Bahntrassenradeln and Bahntrassenradwege.
Fairtrade Kleidung Versand verschiedener Fairtrade-zertifizierter Bekleidungshersteller.
Stoffmarkt Jahrmarkt Stoffverkauf, ein- bis zweimal jährlich in verschiedenen Städten. Online Stoffe und Kurzwaren: Frau Tulpe, Stoff&Stil, Folhoffer.
Boesner Künstlermaterial, Versand.
Direktrecycling Briefumschläge und Papierprodukte hergestellt aus alten Landkarten.
OssiVersand here you might want to order things you really need.
Museum of Hoaxes a cute collection of untrue stories.
Fairtransport Atlantic trading and shipping free of emission.
Trans Atlantic passenger sailings. More.
Wally they build the Wally Power 118, not just some ship.
Engineering and Technology History Wiki, collection of articles.
counterpunch policital essays and review.
Consortium News independent investigative journalism and policital review.
Private Eye UK's number one best-selling news and current affairs magazine.
Qwant another search engine.

Culture and Science

The Latin Library collection of Latin texts.
Fruit Facts detailed information on a list of rare fruit plants, namely in California.
PostSecret ist ein gemeinschaftliches Kunstprojekt, bei dem jeder ein Geheimnis auf einer selbstgestalteten Postkarte einsenden kann.
Kapostropheum using the apostrophe is not easy.
Made in USA Paul Graham describing the impression of the USA. He says they are good at making software, because it is a chaotic process, but this is exactly why they are not good at making software at all: They think it should be a chaotic process, but this type of prototyping is not enough. What he does not say is, that good software always needs a planning phase. And for all examples he enlists, there is a planning phase, even for Visicalc, though it may not be visible on the first glance. Good software is planned first, then implemented, where implementation includes prototyping and careful changing the plan where necessary, of course.
Slow Programming Promoted and described as being part of the slow movement, by Jeffrey Ventrella.
Jesus the Monster Truck For some of them, it is hard to say on which side they are.
Harakiri Extrem E-Bike Electric power obviously is the future in motion, as long as you are able to keep the handle bars under control...
Rumpfkluft Customised Tshirts
Tepeskop Earthquake warning machine based on astoundingly simple technology. As yet unverified?
Nibelungen Sage Die Seiten der Nibelungen-Handschrift C, digitalisiert.
Dolores Hoffmann The woman behind the windows: Life and art of the Estonian stained glass master.
American Embolism Spätzle und Bionade, Gangland politics, Ward Churchill (and his career assassination for bringing up a painful subject, indicating that admitting wrongdoing is incompatible with national pride), Daryl Davis, Myths and Obscenity, Africa offering help with electoral reform, Self Destruction, Illusion and Delusion of Democracy, a somewhat Perpetuated State of Exception, Corporate Hierarchy, maybe Lessons not Learned, Dead End Road Politics, Healthcare Trust Collapse.
Basic Income Grundeinkommen: Herr Ponader verlässt das Amt. Survey on basic income acceptance in Switzerland (1/2016) and the European Union (5/2016). Wolf Lotter über die Nervensäge.
Bob Black on The Abolition of Work.
Work Life Balance ist mehr als nur ein Ausgleich zum nervigen Job, generationsunabhängig: Arbeit als Lebensinhalt ist out.
下仁田 Shimo Nita: When you're old...
Rosetta Mission Animation showing the Rosetta space crafts orbit in the lead up to, during and after separation of lander Philae at comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
Heavens Above Current satellites positions, and stuff. And how to calculate planetary positions
Swingbike A bicycle to ride.
Jimmy Maher blog, e.g. on the origin of the Apple II.
Lobsters Computer engineering articles.
Stasi Project solving world biggest puzzle, recomposing shredded intelligence documents.
Lithium in batteries might be replaced for various reasons, e.g. by iron, by natrium, by polymer, or even by some liquid, exchangeable in seconds. There is also iron powder to store energy.
Gorbachev on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The pope and same sex unions.
Linke Identitätspolitik. Und der Krieg. In der Ukraine.
Why Ukraine is wary of the Russian opposition. Warum Russische Anarchisten auf Seiten der Ukraine kämpfen. Why Russias Minorities fight on the Ukrainian side. Soldiers from South Ossetia refuse to fight in Ukraine. Sabotage to hamper war machine. Prosecution of Bashkir Fail Alsynov sparks major protests. Russian anti-war Graffiti.
The Kyiv Independent. Chodorkowski über den Krieg. Putin is called Satan by two of his entourage, criminal by others. Mariupol under Russian occupation.
Help for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. The Russian wars impact on transnational culture. Ukrainian LGBTQ refugees in Germany (and Russian, too).
Putin kann gehen, Mission erfüllt: Russland ist verschwunden, es bleibt nur ein Gebiet.
Nahost-Krieg Moshe Zimmermann, Zafer Şenocak, Gabriel Berger, Yuval Kremnitzer, Dominic Johnson, Standing Together.
Feuerwehrmänner bei Licht betrachtet, flackerndem womöglich.
Afghanistan, politics for and social commitment to people.
Music in Myanmar, Ukraine, Israel.


Göttinger Ornithologie Informationen des Arbeitskreises Göttinger Ornithologen.

Graphics / PostScript

lots of links... ...collected by Jim Land.
obfuscated examples including the tiny raytracing example in just 705 bytes by Hayakawa Takashi.
PovComp raytracing gallery with a bunch of impressive pictures.
Capcode PostScript online reference.
Colour FAQ by Charles Poynton.
PNG Specification defining the Portable Network Graphics format.

Information Theory

Burrows/Wheeler a PDF copy of the original paper (postscript) describing their block sorting compression algorithm. Another short description is given by Mark Nelson.
Edsger W. Dijkstra thank-worth insisted on programming in a structered way, though he was wrongly quoted, he never stated the Goto Statement Considered Harmful. In fact, the original title is A Case against the GO TO Statement, which includes this quotation:
For a number of years I have been familiar with the observation that the quality of programmers is a decreasing function of the density of go to statements in the programs they produce.
Quotations from How do we tell truths that might hurt?:
The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offence.
Quotations from Essays on the nature and role of mathematical elegance:
For reliability simplicity is an absolute prerequisite.
Quotations from the Humble Programmer:
The competent programmer is fully aware of the strictly limited size of his own skull; therefore he approaches the programming task in full humility, and among other things he avoids clever tricks like the plague.
Today a usual technique is to make a program and then to test it. But: program testing can be a very effective way to show the presence of bugs, but it is hopelessly inadequate for showing their absence.
Niklaus Wirth invented a series of nice toys. I never had the impression, Pascal might be a mess, until finally I tried to write a syntactic and semantic specification for it as part of the Mother Generic Compiler project. And yet, UCSD Pascal and the P-System have been really useful at their times.
Donald E. Knuth among other things, writes The Art of Computer Programming, with 3 volumes out of approximately 5 or 7 published a while ago.
RegExp Theory description of the Thompson NFA grep algorithm.
Projekt Firm Graph Based SSA Intermediate Language with Explicit Memory Dependencies. Firm is a modern intermediate representation developed at University of Karlsruhe.
Hyphenation Simple and generic algorithm (dated 1983) by Frank Liang with low reference data base size.
Chuck Moore on the Lost Art of Keeping It Simple.
Happy Bit It looked so alone, so I decided to adopt a bit.


Scheme home of the chicken, by Felix Winkelmann.
Programming Motherfucker name it. Just do the right thing. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to complain how terrible life is.
Lua simple script language, easy to learn.
Prolog Good introduction to logic programming with Prolog.
Piet The Art of Computer Programming, the other way round. Programming in Piet is painting a picture, analysing Piet code is staring at a bunch of pixels.
Beatnik A rather text oriented way of programming, making even COBOL sound more like stuttering.
VHDL Logical operators in VHDL have equal precedence rules.
Ju Gonçalves ...on Functional Programming: OOP cannot save us from the Cloud Monster anymore.
Erlang Concurrent functional programming language
Alvaro Videla Harmful GOTOs, Premature Optimizations, and Programming Myths are the Root of all Evil
I do not know C Dmitri Gribenko shows “that the dark corners of C are much closer than it seems”.
International Obfuscated C Code Contest What is this C programming language all about? Learn here what real programmers do with C. Myself, I can't get used to the operator precedence rules. On structure packing and padding
TCL useful as a shell, too
Perl online perl tutorial by Dave Marshall. Another two tutorials, both in German language, one by Thomas Fischbacher, the other by Eike Grote
Forth stack computers and forth bookmark by Philip Koopman.
Thoughts on Forth Programming by Felix Winkelmann.
flac audio compression Free Lossless Audio Codec format definition.
Benchmark on text data compression tools.
Program Correctness Softwarezuverlässigkeit gestern, heute und morgen, an impressive list of program error induced disasters.
Jörg Arndt's useful and ugly pages, including a collection of algorithms for programmers.
Tiny ELF a Whirlwind Tutorial on Creating Really Teensy ELF Executables for Linux
ALSA Howto A close look at ALSA, provides technical background unavailable elsewhere
Tanenbaum/Torvalds That discussion about whose car is faster or more shiny or whatever.
HTML Document Character Set Lists the character set used for HTML, and the Named character entities. Another source for SGML and Unicode entities. And Alan Wood's Cyrillic Unicode Support in Web Browsers test page.
Unicode the Unicode standard official source, including the complete code charts. And Roman tells us the story of the long way to Unicode.
Online Software Museum providing online access to old fashioned operating systems.
programming languages there is a programming language You have no idea about how it works? try to find a first hint on it here.
On Job Interviews and why they are used as a filter for good engineers.
Linux Weekly News weekly news digest.
Free Code Graphing Project prints a nice poster of the linux kernel, when fed into it.
Qmail and its patches.
IP over avian carrier specifies data transmission using pigeons. And there is an extension with quality of service support.
Choosing a Name ... for Your Computer.
Derek Jones on why COCOMO is not worth serious attention, and on code quality in terms of lines of code.
Artificial Intelligence is the declaration of bankruptcy of mankind, since we admit the machine knows better.


Defragmentation defraggle your motherdisc! None of those unwanted bits will be left over!
XMOS XS1 Fachartikel über XMOS hart echtzeitfähige 32 Bit Multicore Mikroprozessoren.
Stretch a processor which is partly programmable similar to FPGA, i.e. it is an FPGA-in-the-core model. the great advantage against processors embedded into an FPGA is You can still run the processor while reprogramming part of it, which You cannot with the core-in-the-FPGA approach.
Standard PC Ports port, plug and cable descriptions, including serial port pin out and 8250 register description, and parallel port. Another site providing plug and cable infos: Elektroniklager.
Bartels Bauteilbibliotheken provides a reasonable list of digital integrated circuits, namely the 74 TTL series.
White LED Die weisse Leuchtdiode.
MRAM Computing MRAM memory technology slightly changed may serve directly for computing.
Memristor passive two-terminal circuit element in which the resistance is a function of the time history of the current and voltage through the device.
SANE provides a list of scanner devices probably supported by Linux. However, scanner attachment via USB or parallel port is a rather stupid concept, as the scanner is producing and sending an image: So a network based concept, or offline capture analogous to digital camera concepts, turns out to be much more simple.


Miscarriage of justice as a result of the court rather believing in the promise of software integrity than accord credibility to over 500 alleged fraudsters. Latest on TAZ and Al Jazeera.
Pressefreiheit Ranglisten von den Reportern ohne Grenzen, je Jahr nach Staaten, international. And on freedom of press when a single teenage company arrogates the decision on what is to be censored.
Maritime News by Jan Maat, including archives concerning Distress at Sea and Pirates. Ship positions.
Aircraft Disasters by Richard Kebabjian, a comprehensive and up-to-date archive of deathly aviation accidents. And an essay by Gregory Travis on the impact of complexity and software development on aircraft safety by the example of the Boeing 737 Max crashes. Airplane positions.
Tschernobyl how to blow up our own earth with simple technological means: radiation spread over Europe to render large areas uninhabitable. Reports from a prototypical disaster.
Exxon wusste alles -- und zwar genau: Erderhitzung durch Treibhausgase.
Daylight Saving isn't worth it. Deutsche Gesetzestexte.
FSF FLA a licensing scheme for free software, possibly a way to suppress theft of free thoughts.
Burn All Gifs information about patent driven business aggression.
DotComTod war Deutschlands führender Anbieter und Distributor für exitorientierte Unternehmensmeldungen.
Scheißprojekt es ist erstaunlich, wieviele IT Projekte völlig unzureichend geplant und durchgeführt werden.
Toyota Unintended Acceleration and what it looks like. And there is life-threatening fun with other cars, too. Whether Tesla model S autopilot is safe may be questionable (Wired: english, deutsch). Self-driving cars in fact seem to be remote controlled, and yet are not that safe.
Software Horror Stories collected by Nachum Dershowitz
Architecture The Bug in the Physical Building.
Bluez must be one of the best kept secrets in Linux. A shining example of job security.
Das ist der Herr Bush Sieht eigentlich ganz nett aus. Isser aber nicht.
Nanterre Court fines aggressive US software pirates.
Death Penalty The USA, much the same as other members of the axis of evil, take pleasure in doubtful judging, killing Troy Davis despite doubts.
Freedom House publishes annual reports that state the degree of freedom per country in the world. It is not obvious, to what extent cases of imprisonment in legal vacuum are taken into account during evaluation. Moreover, while measuring freedom of press and democracy, the reports do not seem to investigate the influence of economic impact on the population.
Music Industry Their strange idea on what recipients are not allowed to do. Others do not treat intellectual property the absolutistic way, but use a Creative Commons Licence to publish their movies, e.g.: CH7, VEB Film.
Thomas Piketty über Europa und Schuldenpolitik.
Spam and Open Relay Blocking System helps You fight spam by keeping a data base of open smtp relays and providing to reject mails from such a relay.
Deadly Hotspots Cause of mortality world map.