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Best of Wayne and Squishy :

Wayne Squishy

Wayne :

At Home :
when i am sitting alone in my room i can be surrounded by my friends who
i talk to everyday if the computer is on. also i think its important to
see these people at least once a month. this gives a firm hold on real

Work ? :
i have a MOO set up for my office and did try to get other people who
work here to have meetings, especially with contractors who work offsite.
but they werent that interested. sometimes i have used spacebar to ask
people CGI questions or server questions. but mostly for social.

i dont really separate what is "work" and "entertainment" as much as many
people do. often im having fun with my computer at home and learn
something which is valuable for work. i think this issue is important,
especially for those who work on computers all day. computers become a
method of communicating. whether you are developing software for work or
for play, its the same thing.

People :
i think the user groups, the crowd, is the most important thing. why are
people there? what are they there for? are they there for 10 minutes or
have they been there everday? how did they find it? all these factors
determine the users and are essential to making a place interesting.
an empty vrml room, no matter how nice, is not as fun as a telnet chat
room with lots of people.

Graphics or Text :
the graphical based systems, like i said are great but arent quite
to the point were they seem "natural" and "seemless", by this i mean that
there is a certain type of attention that i have to pay to the graphics
in blacksun. it prevents me from spending as much time on there as i

on spacebar i use the nickname "scooter" a friend gave it to me. its good
to have a nickname for the digital part of my life.

Wayne Squishy


I think Spacebar's interface sucks, but I mostly
go there for the people...lots of friends there...I can chat with my girlfriend
too...lots of like minded people. I like BlackSun because it's technically
innovative and new...very similar to some of the things in my job as well. I
also like seeing how the people interact and how the space grows. I haven't
used BlackSun lately because the PC that was on my desk was moved.

Start :
I started in school (at MIT) to explore some MUDs and MOOs. MUDs never
did it for me, but I thought MOOs were amazing. I liked the object oriented
basis for them and really liked learning how to program the world around me. I
made some friends, but didn't hang out long enough to get really deep into
them. I liked MambadMoo the most, but then it got too crowded and busy, so I
ditched it for MediaMoo. After a year or two of this I found vrave...and I
found my niche. I was getting in the east coast US rave scene then and found
lots of people there to hang out with, go to parties with, and just have fun.
Later it helped in my move to SF as I knew some people before I even got here.
I gradually lost interest though and couldn't keep up anymore, so I stopped
vraving. I happened to know the woman who wrote most of vrave, and she gave the
code to HotWired and Cyborganic. HotWired's version sucked, but Cyborganic was
good...lots of people I knew...not too many people or newbies online...just the
way all the other chats I've started on. I like non-busy chats...too much going
on and I can't concentrate on anything else but the chat, and I usually have to
do other things while I'm chatting.

I think a VRML based chat will be really big...this JavaChat stuff
isn't anything new really. VRML adds a whole slew of dimensions just waiting to
be explored.

People :
People work around the limitations. Spacebar is one the best "quality" chats
around...but the interface sucks. ICB is pretty good, but I don't really like
the people that much or click with any of them. IRC I guess is okay, but the
people there seem to be real idiots. It's all in the people.

Spacebar rocks cause it's San Francisco based and there's a whole community set
up around it. Every thursay there is a thursday night dinner and a whole mess
of spacebarlings turn up for it. Having it based nearby is really cool I think.
I like knowing the people face to face...it's a *lot* harder for me to talk and
get familiar with someone if I can't see what they look like...or see how they
act or behave in real life. You never really know who someone is online without
spending tons of time with them online...something I can't/don't do.

Graphical...as long as there is a large emphasis on the text aspect...that's
where most of the communication occurs.

Privacy :
I don't like when people log conversations. I wonder how people
would behave if I took a DAT with me and recording everything spoken within
hearing range of it.