General info and install instructions can be found on the documentation page.

If you like this, you might also be interested in my perl wrapper for dsproxy, rp and lame: strec, a stream recorder.

Note: dsproxy seems to have problems with rp10, more specifically with the fragment size. I'm working on this. For the time being, use rp8.
Final note: dsproxy does not work with Linux kernel 2.6 or current realplayer versions. Please consider to use VSound instead. It runs in user mode and with current realplayer versions.


Latest: v0.2.17.4 - dsproxy-current.tgz

2005-05-03: v0.2.17.4 - dsproxy-

2005-02-22: v0.2.17.3 - dsproxy-

2004-07-25: v0.2.17.2 - dsproxy-

2003-08-02: v0.2.17.1 - dsproxy-

Last original version: v0.2.17 - dsproxy-current.tgz

Older Versions

The project was started in 2000 by Ram Sivrasubramanium and has been abandoned since 2001.
You might find more info on the (currently defunct) original page or on the freshmeat project page.

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2005-02-22 Christian Wolff You can reach me at sub-feedback at this domain.
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